What do you see in your future?

  • Paying off student debt?

  • Saving to buy your first home?

  • Travel... without the credit card hangover?

  • Financial stability?

Professionals in their 20s & 30s are stressed and want financial stability

It's go time! That phase of life where you’re constantly preparing for something (making the team, getting into school, launching your career) - has ended. 

And, ready or not, your financial future has already started to take shape. 

Take 20 seconds.

Think about your finances today. 

If you change nothing about the way you handle your money, will you build the life you’re dreaming of? 

If that question creates a little anxiety, you’re not alone. 

Even intelligent, confident individuals can feel stressed and overwhelmed because they didn't teach you about money in school.  

Your future shouldn’t be a nail-biter

With The Financial Foundations Course you get

Bite-sized activities with simple, practical worksheets to give you clarity and confidence about your finances.

You Can Do It Too!

“I liked how simple you made all of this.

I was able to understand everything and apply it. I don’t consider myself a finance/accounting pro whatsoever.

Someone who has NO background in this will find it easy to do.”

Vaishnavi, Vancouver, BC

Build Your Strong Financial Foundation

Get the basics in short, bite sized lessons with worksheets.

Feel more secure about your future.

Here’s what you get inside

    1. Welcome from Your Instructor

    2. It's Go Time!

    3. Your Future: What do you see?

    4. Your Income: Where's it coming from?

    5. Your Spending: Where's it going?

    6. Your Assets: What you own

    7. Your Liabilities: What you owe

    8. Your Net Worth: Not your worth

    9. Your Next Steps: Build a Plan

About this course

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What have you got to lose?

(Besides angst and cold-sweats.)