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Hi I'm Rolf,

I'm an entrepreneur and financial consultant with almost 4 decades of business experience.

As a former Fortune 500 leader and brokerage owner, I have the knowledge and skills to help you create wealth and build a business.

Peak Performance Academy is for today's professionals boost performance, productivity, and profits.

Whether you need guidance to grow wealth, or build a business, you will find it here. Our on-demand courses, live events, and community will support you.

With decades of experience in leadership, financial planning, business strategy, and entrepreneurship, I'm confident you'll get the tools you need to prosper, grow, and flourish. .

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What Some of Our Members Are Saying

Edward Banfield

4th Year Faculty of Management, UBCO

"The Peak Performance Workshop and Mentorship Program has been a pivotal stage of my personal development. With Rolf’s guidance, I have been able to experience a tremendous amount of self-clarity.

This is the first time throughout my educational career that I finally feel I’m moving in the right direction towards who I truly want to be. I strongly recommend this to anyone and everyone who needs clarification on themselves and sense of organization and direction in life.”

Shiven Khera

President, Enactus UBCO

"The Peak Performance Mentorship Program showed me how having the right habits help me to grow and achieve more. The growth that I had was fantastic!

I learned how to gain so much more clarity about myself, and my future and how to plan it out so that it becomes reality.

This is something I would highly recommend to those that are on the same path as me.”

Vaishnavi Kulkarni

4th Year Faculty of Management, UBCO

Are you stressed out? Feeling like you have no time left in the day to complete everything? Do the Peak Performance Mentorship Program. Trust me on this one. You will be able to see a massive improvement in a few months. The Program is set up so beautifully that it covers multiple aspects in life that you might be struggling with. You won't regret it :)

Yu Teshima

Toronto, On

Highly recommended! It's like an investment - you invest an extra time/effort/money now, and the positive effect it has will compound over time. Reduce stress level and increase contentment!

Tanya Arora

Faculty of Management, UBCO

Being organized is one of the great required skills needed to succeed in life. I learned to organize my day, weeks, months and year. It helped me to achieve more than ever wondered and still be on time with all my assignments.

Before I joined the Peak Performance Workshop I used to find 24 hours to be not enough time to get all my work done. However, after learning to organize myself in a systematic manner I can make 24 hrs into 48 hrs .

Hardikaa Balasubramaniam

Faculty of Management, UBCO

Self-awareness is the key to improvement and Peak Performance Mentorship Program helps you understand yourself better. The program allows you to share your thoughts and opinions in a safe space and helps you be the better version of yourself. It is highly recommended that students or anybody for that matter join the program because this program helps you introspect and understand that we can achieve goals and live life to the fullest at the same time.